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Being Authentic With Integrity
Being Authentic With Integrity

Being authentic means you can be you regardless of your circumstances. Living with integrity shows your strength of character and your true self.

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CMU Music Major Web Designer Petoskey Michigan
From Music Major to Web Designer

From starting at CMU in music education to finally finding my true calling as a web designer in Petoskey, Michigan, it has been a crazy and creative journey!

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Jeep 4WD Northern Michigan Trail Laws Courtesy
Be Conscientious in Your 4WD

Our Jeep brings out the explorer spirit in us, but we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment we want to explore. My husband and I look forward to taking our Jeep on seasonal roads in the summer because we love spending time in the beautiful Northern Michigan outdoors. We have a great…

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Being Fortunate vs Being Lucky Marcie Wolf
Being Lucky vs. Being Fortunate

I had someone tell me I was lucky. They thought because I owned my business and had everything I needed that I was lucky. I challenged them by saying that I’m fortunate, not lucky.

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Always Take High Road Petoskey Marketing
Always Take the High Road

Has a competitor put you down or intentionally tried to harm your professional reputation? I’ve had competitors try to discredit me or sabotage my business. Sabotage and competition can look very much alike. What do you do?

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Cell Phones Hurting Relationship Petoskey Michigan
Are Cell Phones Hurting Our Relationships?

How many times have you sat down to lunch with a friend, they place their phone on the table, and you immediately feel like you’re not important?

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Mansplain Mansplaining Web Design Information Technology
No Need to Mansplain

After twenty years in website development, I am still patronized or “talked down to” by men in IT, and even by potential male clients.

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