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We all have a mindset that determines our level of happiness. There are two mindsets that are most prevalent: Scarcity Mentality and Abundance Mentality.

People with a Scarcity Mentality are highly competitive and resent other people’s success. It’s hard for them to share recognition and credit, even with those who are major contributors.

People with an Abundance Mentality are optimists and are genuinely happy for others when they achieve success. They also have a deep inner sense of personal worth or security.

In business, the Abundance Mentality paradigm is that there’s plenty of opportunity out there and enough work to spare for everybody.

That’s why business collaborations work for those with an abundance mindset. They are willing to share recognition, are open to building creative alliances, and know there is enough work to go around.

I met with two women who care about the small business owner, are creative visionaries in social media marketing, and see the limitless possibilities of collaborating instead of competing.

The more we shared our visions, we realized we had the same goals and sense of community, and shared an Abundance Mentality.

More to come about our collaboration…

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