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Social Media Storytelling

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Social Media Storytelling Marcie Wolf Abuzz Creative

We connect with stories that resonate with us emotionally. Those emotions influence what we buy or who we hire.

Storytelling in our social media marketing is when we use words, photos, and videos to create a narrative. We’re not selling or promoting. We’re sharing stories that people listen to and respond to emotionally.

Be Creative
Think outside your typical marketing campaign.

Be Relatable⁣
Emotional storytelling helps you to connect with people so they feel like part of your community.

Be Emotional
Make us laugh, make us happy, share something heartwarming, inspire us.

Be Authentic
Your voice and your story needs to be genuine. Keep it real.

Start experimenting with creative storytelling on social media. By showing your personality, you can connect with people on a more personal level.

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Why should my business use social media storytelling?

By using the art of telling a story, you can transform a typical service you provide into something more meaningful and emotional. The most powerful tool in advertising is persuasion. Combine your ideas with emotions to tell your story, and people can be persuaded to buy your products or hire you for your services.

What should I include in my marketing story?

You digital story will have more impact if you include your own photos (not generic stock images), videos, or audio files. The more people can see of your unique story, the more they will be persuaded to become your customer.