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Marketing Training HarborActive Abuzz Creative
Celebrating Five Years of Marketing Training

I am currently celebrating five years of providing community training to northern Michigan business owners and staff in Petoskey and Harbor Springs.

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Marketing Classes Wine Web Petoskey Michigan
New Marketing Classes. New Wine & Web.

The five year mark of community training is coming, first as HarborActive, now as #SocialBuzz. Planning marketing classes and Wine & Web for you!

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Happiness Strategy Abundance Mentality Business Collaboration
Happiness Strategy: An Abundance Mentality

We all have a mindset that determines our level of happiness. There are two mindsets most prevalent: Scarcity Mentality and Abundance Mentality.

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Taste Harbor Springs Michigan
Taste of Harbor Springs

It’s the 25th Annual Taste of Harbor Springs which is one of my favorite volunteer gigs. The event will be held on September 21 from 12-3 PM.

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Lucky Petoskey Michigan
Lucky to Live Here

Our tranquil town is buzzing with summer visitors and it reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in Petoskey, Micihigan. It’s a dream destination for so many.

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Being Authentic With Integrity
Being Authentic With Integrity

Being authentic means you can be you regardless of your circumstances. Living with integrity shows your strength of character and your true self.

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CMU Music Major Web Designer Petoskey Michigan
From Music Major to Web Designer

From starting at CMU in music education to finally finding my true calling as a web designer in Petoskey, Michigan, it has been a crazy and creative journey!

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