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Our Jeep brings out the explorer in us and takes us to new remote places. However, we’ve been seeing more “amateurs” on the trail during the pandemic and they don’t know proper trail etiquette.

Just because you’re off the main road does not mean you can drive however you want on trails and seasonal roads.

Following proper trail etiquette is for your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers. Being courteous makes for a better, safer adventure for everyone.

No Alcohol While Trail Riding

  • Do not drink and drive! All states prohibit operating off road vehicles under the influence of alcohol. This includes ATVs and UTVs.⁣
  • Drinking alcohol while wheeling endangers you and everyone else on the trail.

Stay on Designated Trails

  • Do not leave the trail! You will damage the environment and create an erosive condition.
  • Stay off private property.

Keep Your Distance

  • Leave plenty of space between you and the next ATV or 4WD vehicle. Never ever tailgate on the trail.
  • If someone in front of you is climbing a steep hill, give them even more room.

Don’t Disturb the Natural Area

  • Be mindful of plants and animals along the trail. We’re treading on their turf.⁣

Do Not Litter – Leave No Trace

  • Littering of any kind goes against off-roading trail etiquette.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. That includes cigarette butts.
  • Carry a trash bag so you can leave it better than you found it.⁣

No Dusting on the Trail

  • Be courteous when passing hikers, bikers, or other vehicles. Don’t speed past them and make them eat your dust.⁣

No Loud Music

  • You’re out on the trails to experience nature so don’t spoil the setting for others by being loud and obnoxious.
  • Do not blast your radio or other music systems. Enjoy your surroundings.

Practicing good trail etiquette, safe driving habits, and common courtesy makes trail riding a lot more fun!⁣

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