Michigan Nature Girl Eddie Bauer

I’m always saying that there really is no bad weather, just bad clothing. You can be outside in any kind of weather as long as you’re wearing the right gear.

I grew up wearing heavy wool mackinaw jackets, flannel shirts, jeans, and long underwear when the weather got cold. That’s what we wore when we were outside sledding or ice skating, and the only reason we came home early was because we were cold and wet.

Now outdoor clothing is much more functional for any kind of weather and activity. We want quality and affordability in clothing for all kinds of weather – rain, humidity, snow, and ice. Clothes that protect from precipitation allows you to be outside in good or bad weather.

Find the brand that works for your lifestyle and budget.

For me, that’s Eddie Bauer.

Eddie Bauer for Tall Women

As a woman who is six feet tall, it’s been a challenge finding pants and jackets long enough. Quite a few years ago, I stopped in an Eddie Bauer shop because I was looking for a new coat. I was so excited to see so many pants and jackets in TALL sizes for women!

My obsession began. Now I have a closet full of fleece tops with LONG sleeves, wind resistant pants (lined and unlined, long and capri), and heavy hoodies.

Eddie Bauer Invented the Down Jacket

After a near-death experience of almost freezing to death in Alaska, Eddie Bauer realized what he needed was a really breathable, warm jacket that he wouldn’t have to take off when he was working strenuously in the cold.

Bauer was already working with feather merchants. They were making flies for his store so he knew where to get good quality goose down. The Bauer Blizzard Proof Down Jacket was born and was first patented in the US in 1940.

Eddie Bauer Invented Down Jacket

The only way I can endure our Northern Michigan winter months is with my Eddie Bauer Cirruslite down jackets (I have four!). They come in tall sizes for a tall girl like me, and they keep me warm without weighing me down.

If you need a down layer for higher intensity activities or longer durations without the risk of overheating, I recommend the Cirruslite jackets.

I also purchased a waterproof jacket that is durable and long. The sleeves reach past my wrists and the jacket goes way past my hips. Now my butt stays dry in the rain!

Affordable Outdoor Clothing

When you’re hiking, backpacking, skiing, or just being outside, don’t get stuck out in the elements wearing the wrong clothing.

The evolution of outdor clothing has come a long way, plus there are lots of affordable options. You don’t have to pay $400 for a down jacket anymore!

Find the brand that works for you. For me, that’s Eddie Bauer.

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