Choosing Right Camping Tent Michigan

If you’ve decided you’d like to start camping in northern Michigan, you need more than just any old sleeping bag and a cheap tent. You will need a better outdoor gear tent to get you through any kind of weather your Michigan adventure will bring.

Go With the Four Season Tent for Camping

Choose the right tent for camping for any camping trip. Weather conditions in Michigan can be unpredictable so you need to be prepared for anything. I’m talking rain, wind, cold, and even snow.

  • Don’t skimp – opt for a good four season tent.
  • Four season tents are heavier than three season tents.
  • Four season tents tend to have more poles which help them withstand wind and snow fall.
  • If you’re a fair weather camper in the heat of summer, a three season tent might be fine.

But, remember that Mother Nature can be pretty unpredictable, even in summer. You want to be warm and secure enough from all elements.

Are You Going to Try Backpack Camping?

Maybe you want to hit the trail with a one-person tent. The style of tent you want will depend on how much backpacking you’re planning on doing. When backpacking, you need to keep your load as light as possible.

If you’re trail camping in summer, a one-person lightweight warm weather tent may work.

Good Tents for Car Camping

If you’ll be driving to your campsite, then the weight of a tent isn’t an issue for you. It’s more about how many people will be sharing your tent.

A two-person tent is actually quite small. My husband and I are quite tall and this size tent is much too uncomfortable for us and all our gear.

You’ll be much happier with a larger area inside your tent, especially when bad weather comes your way and find yourself inside your tent for a longer period of time.

Visit an outdoor gear store near you where you can actually see a camping tent set up. You will want to walk around inside and lie down to see how many can fit.

My husband and I are tall so we tested lots of tents until we found one where we can stand up straight inside.

Make sure that the tent you choose will meet all your Michigan camping requirements before you get to your campsite.