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You might be surprised to know that the tech side of the digital industry continues to be dominated by men. Very few women are in technical jobs. This is still a very male-dominated field.

A Woman in Web Design

As a woman having worked in website development for almost 25 years, I am way outside the norm. I am one of a very small number of women who has been developing websites before the internet was “a thing” and who owns her own web company.

Female web developers do have to work harder at proving their worth and abilities in a male-dominated industry.

At first, it was a challenge to earn respect as a female web developer. Fortunately, I was hired by a progressive company in 1998 to manage their web department based on my abilities. My boss gave me a great deal of freedom and allowed me to grow in my position, especially with implementing e-commerce. Selling products was the great unknown at the time and was very much in its infancy back then.

Fast forward to being a woman who has owned a web company in one form or another for 18 + years. I’ve had amazing support from my community.

However, on the rare occasion I am reminded there are still men out there who don’t trust a woman in my position. It’s not often that I have to prove myself in this male-dominated field so it surprises me every single time.

When they ask to talk to my boss, it’s hard for me to stifle a laugh. They must think Eric is my boss because men own tech companies, not women.

I am thankful to share that, for the most part, my business community respects my position, my leadership, and my opinion.

My Advice to Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Never let people look past you as a capable leader in your current position.

Be an advocate for other women in male-dominated industries. We need to overcome these challenges together by collaborating, celebrating our accomplishments, and sharing our stories.

Find tactful ways to promote yourself and your work.

If you are given the chance to play a leadership role, take it.

At meetings, sit where you can be seen and heard.

Most importantly, believe in yourself.

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