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Zoom Meetings and Behind the Scenes

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Zoom Meeting Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf

I’ve enjoyed all these Zoom meetings because they’re real life. Kids demand attention, cats and dogs make an unexpected appearance, background noises startle us, and we forget we’re on mute.

Zoom meetings are the ultimate “behind the scenes” glimpse at our new way of working.

We want to connect with people we like so there’s value in behind the scenes content. Giving people an inside look at your business:⁣

  • Humanizes your company⁣
  • Shows where you work and live⁣
  • Builds relationships and trust⁣
  • Shows how your team laughs⁣

That last one is my favorite because I love to laugh. Laughing creates an emotional connection that opens the door to a lasting relationship.

Stay real in your marketing. It will help you build better relationships between your business and your customers!