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I keep getting contacted by people who made a Wix website. The problem is they’ve gotten zero website visitors so now they are looking to hire someone for SEO.

While Wix is a wildly popular website builder, it’s a really bad option when it comes to getting your business found on Google.

The cost of using Wix is a hidden one

The hidden cost is from you building a website when you know nothing about On-Page SEO, Proper URL structuring, Core Web Vitals, and Google Ranking Factors – all key elements to getting website visitors.

If you lack knowledge in these key areas, it will cost you business because potential customers aren’t finding you on Google.

(They’re probably finding your competition, though…)

There is one other hidden cost to building a Wix website and that has to do with time.

In order to learn how to build your own website, you have to take time away from running your business.

Did you know you did all of that work for something you don’t even own?

Yep. You don’t own your Wix website. You’re renting that space.

A Professional Website is your best investment

To get found on Google by potential customers, you really should hire a web designer who will build your website right – the first time. If your website is built correctly by a pro who uses software like WordPress, they will make sure your site is found once launched.

Your new website will be optimized correctly so you can now get lots of traffic from potential customers who found you on Google.

No need to hire someone to do SEO later.

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