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Eric Davis Marcie Wolf Petoskey Michigan
Doing Business in Petoskey Michigan

My husband Eric Davis and I own Abuzz Creative in Petoskey, Michigan. Together we provide digital marketing for northern Michigan organizations.

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Zoom Meeting Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf
Zoom Meetings and Behind the Scenes

I’ve enjoyed all these Zoom meetings because they’re real life – it’s the ultimate “behind the scenes” glimpse at our new way of working.

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Google My Business Local SEO Workshop Petoskey Michigan
Google My Business Workshop 03/05/20

Marcie Wolf of Abuzz Creative has partnered with Social Guru 4 You to present a Google My Business workshop in Petoskey Michigan on March 5, 2020.

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CMU Music Major Web Designer Petoskey Michigan
From Music Major to Web Designer

From starting at CMU in music education to finally finding my true calling as a web designer in Petoskey, Michigan, it has been a crazy and creative journey!

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