I have partnered with Social Guru 4 You and we’re presenting a new workshop that every business needs. The best way for your business to rank well on Google Search and be found on Google Maps is to claim and use your Google My Business profile.

In Google My Business and Local SEO workshop, we will take a deep dive into how search engines work first. Then we’ll show you how to optimize your business profile so that Google can better understand who you are, what services you offer or products you sell, and where your business is located.

Not many businesses are using Google My Business to its full potential so this is your opportunity to get ahead of your competition on Google. An optimized, active listing will improve how potential customers can find your business in a Google Search and on Google Maps.

  • Google My Business & Local SEO
  • Thursday, March 5th, 2020
  • 2:30 a.m. check in, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Workshop
  • Courtyard by Marriott in Petoskey (on US-131)
  • Cost is $35 in advance and includes two-hours of hands on training

You will be learning on your own device so bring a laptop, tablet, or phone where you can access your Google My Business profile.

Register by February 28th!

I started my freshman year at CMU as an instrumental music major with a choral minor. I was fairly certain I wanted to be a band director just like my Dad. I practiced and performed and studied and made some great friends. I spent more time in Powers Music Hall than my home.

Lightbulb Moment #1

As I stood in front of my fellow musicians in conducting class, I realized this was not for me. That was the moment I knew I didn’t want to teach music and direct a band or choir. So, now what?

The Search

After a tour with The Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps as a member of the color guard, I started searching for the right job and career. I lived in Washington, DC and worked in a bank near the Pentagon and was a bartender in a nightclub. I lived in Mt. Pleasant and worked in a community bank. I was pretty bored with banking and hated going to work.

Lightbulb Moment #2

When the new School of Music opened at CMU, I was hired as a marketing assistant. One of my tasks was to maintain the school’s website. And there it was! I knew this was my purpose. I took classes in HTML, CSS and Photoshop. I took classes in marketing.

Unfortunately, my husband at the time had a nomad mentality and liked to move around which required me to change jobs in new cities. I found a great job in Grand Rapids designing books and magazines and managing e-commerce websites. Then my ex wanted to move to Petoskey where there were no jobs for me in design or marketing. I had to take whatever job I could find to survive. It was a lonely place at first.

The Breakthrough

While working as a secretary (boy, I hated that job), I met a woman who dreamed of owning a web design company and The Geeks were born! We ran a successful web design company together for 12 years.

After my partner and I sold that business, I started Abuzz Creative with Eric. I am now in my favorite place in my career doing what I love.

From music education to web design, it’s been a crazy and creative journey!