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If you manage online marketing for a business, you could find it hard to keep up with the fast-changing pace of social media. Where do you turn to find help?

Our northern Michigan location makes it hard for you to find classes and seminars. You would have to take a day for travel and learning time when all you might need is an hour or two.

To learn about the changes in social media marketing or to focus on specific tasks that might have you frustrated, I offer hands on training for marketing and social media.

Hands On Personalized Training

We all learn better by doing. Hands on training means I am showing you how to do the work on your computer or your mobile device.

I can show you how to effectively manage Facebook, Instagram, or LinkeIn. I can provide training on email marketing and using MailChimp to send your message to subscribers. If you need a refresher on how to update your WordPress website, I can do that, too!

My Own Commitment to Learning

Web design, social media, and all aspects of digital marketing are constantly evolving and changing.

As a digital marketing specialist who is committed to my own learning, I take time to attend online seminars, take video courses, and read industry articles that focus on these specific disciplines.

Schedule a Time at #SocialBuzz

I offer an easy way to sign up for one-on-one learning sessions on my #SocialBuzz website. Sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance, and then you tell me what you need help with.

Schedule a 90-minute session for $50 (a $75 value)

Get the #SocialBuzz

I also provide information on upcoming classes and helpful tips about online marketing in a bi-monthly newsletter.

Get the #SocialBuzz – Sign up here!

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