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Wow, I’m coming up on the five year mark of community training in northern Michigan, first as HarborActive and now as #SocialBuzz. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Planning classes with timely subjects is always fun for me. Your survey results and ongoing feedback tells me what you need to learn so I can create new classes just for you.⁣

Remember those fun, always sold out Wine & Web events? With a little collaborative effort from two social gurus, I plan to bring those back.⁣

Who Trains the Trainer?⁣

We all learn from different voices in our industry (in my case it’s Digital Marketing and my list of mentors and teachers is LONG!). All great communicators are influenced by their industry leaders who in turn share what they’ve learned from them.⁣

I also learned lots of great marketing tips at Digital Summit Detroit. One important factor of attending workshops and seminars was to use what I learned there to teach others. Some hot topics include SEO, Google Business Profile, Website Content, and Email Marketing.⁣

Improving what already exists in marketing and social media, and teaching those techniques to our business community – this is how I want to make a difference.⁣

My goal is always the same – to share tips that help you manage your own marketing better.⁣

Share What You Learn!⁣

If I teach you things that you find valuable, and you teach other people those same things, I’m pretty happy about that. ⁣

If you’re inspired enough to share what you learned with other people, that means I did my job. I will take that as a win!

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