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My Favorite Time of Year to Take Photos

I love summer in northern Michigan when everything is lush and green, the flowers are blooming, and Lake Michigan is clean and blue.

The bay always looks beautiful with lots of boats and sails on the horizon. And then there’s that million dollar sunset on Little Traverse Bay.

Summer is Petoskey Michigan’s most photogenic time of year so why not snap lots of photos?

The more photos you have in your archive, the happier you will be when looking for images to add to your marketing messages.

Use Your Phone or Digital Camera

My LG V20 phone has an amazing camera and I always have it with me. I also have a Nikon which takes phenomenal photos, especially when shooting close up.

With a mobile or digital device, there’s no such thing as taking too many photos! Remember the days of film when we had to be careful of how many photos we took?

Those days are gone. Shoot away!

Show off the area where you work and live and play. Pose among the flowers and along the bay. Celebrate the season we all love best in Petoskey.

Familiar Friendly Faces

We all respond to photos with faces of people we know. We prefer to do business with people we know and like.

It’s time to stop using generic stock photos and build your own library of photos of YOU.

Now is the time to get great photos of staff outside of your business, or having lunch at a favorite park, or doing volunteer work together.

Great photos are the best way to show the personal side of your business.

Great photos help you tell great stories!

Help Promote Your Community

Take lots of photos of your favorite places to dine or shop. Help promote the area you love. Share your own photos on your social media channels and tag a business in your post.

Take photos of places to walk or beaches to visit or pretty drives to take.

Again, celebrate the area you love.

Summer is a beautiful time to get photos of your business, your staff, your home, and your community.

Snap often and stock up. Now you can personalize your marketing with your own photos!

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