Downtown Petoskey Michigan Marketing

Like the shirt says – Life is Good! I do have a confession about being a business owner that’s not good for me. It’s the sales thing.

I own a service-based business which means I am the product. I need to sell myself just as much as I’m selling my web design and social media marketing services.

And that’s hard.

Modesty, not boasting

It’s hard for me because I was brought up to be modest and not to boast.

I was taught to be a positive role model and to make people happy through laughter.

I know I’m good at what I do. I know that my web design and social media marketing services are valuable for others.

But, the sales pitch is still awkward for me, even after twenty years of doing it!

Connecting with people

What does work for me is focusing on making a real connection with someone instead of going right in for the sale.

I love making friendships and building relationships first.

If people like me and trust me, it’s easier to close a deal later.

Yep, Life Is Good!