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Hire Local Web Design and Social Media Marketing Talent

Invest in your community by hiring local web design and social media marketing talent. Your communication will be better, someone local will be more attentive, and you’ll get support from a marketing pro who is invested in your local community.

I own Abuzz Creative and I have more than 20 years as a digital marketing professional in Petoskey Michigan, Harbor Springs Michigan, and Northern Michigan.

I care about my clients and I work hard to create a great online presence for your business.

  • A local designer like me knows your community – I live here – and I’m familiar with your target market in northern Michigan.
  • I am always working hard to create and maintain a good name for myself and my business in my community.
  • When you hire me, I am more likely to use your services and buy your products. I prefer to shop local and support those businesses who support me.
  • I have relationships and connections that you just can’t get from designers in a different city or state.

Local talent is a valuable resource so why not choose a digital marketing expert close to home?

Hire local! ⁣


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