Stop Hating Wildlife Your Yard Northern Michigan

I live in Northern Michigan where there’s plenty of wildlife to see, either in my yard or when I’m driving. It’s also more evident up here how animals have been forced out of their natural habitat by constant development.

Animals have lost large portions of their homes to humans, and now to disasters like wildfires and floods.

Many animals like deer and coyote are already coexisting with us. The abundance of food make our little towns a good home for them. These animals adapt to all of the new neighborhoods being built in their habitat.

Stop hating on wildlife that wander into your yard!

Animals like coyotes are very good at avoiding human contact and are rarely aggressive.

Stop trying to remove geese from your lakeshore!

If you want to live on a lake, find better ways to coexist with waterfowl. It was their home first.

You are not the victim!

It’s animals that are suffering. It’s animals that are lost, not you.

Find ways to coexist.