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Enjoy Nature and Lose Weight with Dog Walks

Walking my dog has never been about me. I take my dog Zoey on two walks a day so she can poop, pee, and get some exercise. I just happen to benefit along the way!

We live in a wooded area of Northern Michigan where we were able to create our own walking trails. The trail through our property meets up with the Marquette Trail which is a two track heading north and south. This is the boundary of our property to the east.

Every morning, Zoey and I lollygag through our property so she can sniff all the critter smells from the night before. Our morning walks are slow and the fresh air makes me feel good.

In the afternoon, my husband joins us and we take a longer walk on the Marquette Trail at a much faster clip. We’re both tall so our steps are long and fast. Zoey gets to release a lot of energy and she plays with sticks and watches chipmunks along the way.

Healthy Benefits and Weight Loss

It’s pretty amazing how simple dog walks can help you live a more healthy life. I’m able to keep my weight down and I get some good cardio breathing going in the late afternoon.

Taking your dog for a walk at least twice a day is fun and you don’t really think about how much exercise you’re really getting. It’s fun when you pay attention to your dog’s joy. I just feel a lot healthier because of my dog walks, and I’m a lot happier.

Walking During the Pandemic

Let’s face it. This pandemic has dragged on a long time. We had to move into my in-laws to care for them 24/7 which has let us feeling very isolated.

My daily walks are my sanity. Talking with my husband on our afternoon walks helps us get rid of stress.

We are surviving this pandemic because we get out on our nature trails and walk. I know I find joy and peace in the north woods of Michigan, and I really hope you will, too.

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