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DIY Website vs. Pro Web Design

Have you tried building a website for your business? How did that go for you? Most DIY attempts fail and never get completed.

Building your own website is a good idea in theory, but it’s likely that web design is not your area of expertise. Those online site builders are not as easy as the ads make it seem. The proof is in how many business owners gave up on trying the DIY route.

“98% of business owners who attempt to build their own website fail at the task and never launch a website at all.” US Small Business Administration

I have seen way too many DIY website failures to wish this on any business owner. I have taken on new clients who started with an online website builder but they became so frustrated, they decided to hire a pro instead.

Your website needs the following things:

  • A professional design for a great first impression.
  • Easy site navigation that is user friendly.
  • Mobile friendly design for mobile first indexing.
  • A clear message about who you are.
  • Techniques to be properly indexed on the search engines.

Search engine optimization requires formatting skills and knowledge on proper site structure. SEO helps search engines find, index, and present your pages in search results. SEO also requires ongoing analysis to measure what is working and what is not.

Save your time and skip the DIY. Hire a pro first!

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