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Web Design Male Dominated Industry Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf
Web Design: Working in a Male Dominated Industry

Marcie Wolf: Woman in Web Design. As a woman having worked in website development for almost 25 years in northern Michigan, I am outside the norm.

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Marcie Wolf Work at Home Coronavirus Blog Petoskey Michigan
How to Work From Home and Get Stuff Done

I have been happily running my business from home for more than seven years so I hope this advice will help you with your new home office situation.

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Google My Business Local SEO Workshop Petoskey Michigan
Google My Business Workshop 03/05/20

Marcie Wolf of Abuzz Creative has partnered with Social Guru 4 You to present a Google My Business workshop in Petoskey Michigan on March 5, 2020.

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Social Media Storytelling Marcie Wolf Abuzz Creative
Social Media Storytelling

Storytelling in our social media marketing is when we use words, photos, and videos to create a narrative. Share stories that people listen to and respond to emotionally.

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Marketing Training HarborActive Abuzz Creative
Celebrating Five Years of Marketing Training

I am currently celebrating five years of providing community training to northern Michigan business owners and staff in Petoskey and Harbor Springs.

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CMU Music Major Web Designer Petoskey Michigan
From Music Major to Web Designer

From starting at CMU in music education to finally finding my true calling as a web designer in Petoskey, Michigan, it has been a crazy and creative journey!

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Being Fortunate vs Being Lucky Marcie Wolf
Being Lucky vs. Being Fortunate

I had someone tell me I was lucky. They thought because I owned my business and had everything I needed that I was lucky. I challenged them by saying that I’m fortunate, not lucky.

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