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Marcie Wolf Happy Entrepreneur Northern Michigan
A Happy Entrepreneur… Just the Way Things Are!

I’m Marcie Wolf, owner of Abuzz Creative in Northern Michigan. As a small business owner, I am fortunate to do what I love, and I report to me, and no one else. I’m happy with that!

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Downtown Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf
Summer Business is Booming in Petoskey

In my 20+ years designing websites, I’ve never been this busy in summer. We usually enjoy a bit of a summer hiatus from projects, but not this year! We Love Petoskey!

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Working Porch Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf
Creative Places to Work in Summer

Desks can be boring, especially when it’s summer and the Petoskey Michigan weather is amazing. For me, changing things up helps inspire creativity and productivity.

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