One of my favorite volunteer gigs is promoting and marketing the Taste of Harbor Springs each year. It’s a wonderful food and beverage tasting event right on the Harbor Springs waterfront.

I get to work with my friends Jenny Brower and Mary Ellen Hughes on marketing and social media promotions. I handle all of the social posts, the press releases, and creating print and radio ads.

I recently created a website so Jenny can share her foodie blogs and to help promote this very special event we both love!

This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Taste of Harbor Springs so it’s going to be a very special celebration. The event will be held on September 21 from 12-3 PM.

Tickets are on sale NOW for $30 in advance ($45 day of the event). Your admission helps fund local culinary scholarships so food professionals can pursue further education in the culinary arts.

Hosted by the Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.

Buy Tickets Now & Save $15!

Our tranquil town has been buzzing with summer visitors and it reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in a place that is a dream destination for so many.

I love a visitor’s enthusiasm when they see the beauty that we often take for granted.

I enjoy meeting our summer visitors, whether they’re resorters or just day tripping. They’re so happy to spend time in the place we call home.

I am thankful for all of the dollars spent on hotels, dining, retail, and recreation. It boosts our local economy and keeps my friends employed.

Be patient when driving. Be gracious when shopping.

Make sure tourists have stories to tell about the fabulous people they met in Petoskey and Harbor Springs. Because we are fabulous!

There’s a lot of buzz around the term “being authentic” but what does that really mean?

To me, being authentic is knowing we look, feel, and act different from everyone else and it’s OK. Our authentic self is what makes us remarkable in every way.

If you’re always trying to impress others or you try to appear to be someone you are not or you’re a completely different person at church, you are not authentically you.

I know who I am. I can be who I am. I am the same person at work, when I’m networking or having a cocktail, when I’m with friends or family. The authentic me can be recognized no matter the environment I’m in.

When we live our lives with integrity, it means that we are honest, and we let our actions speak for who we are and what we believe in.

It feels great to live and work with integrity. Your life and your career can flourish in ways that will make you proud.

Being authentic means you can be you regardless of your circumstances. Living with integrity shows your strength of character and your true self.

Our Jeep brings out the explorer spirit in us, but we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment we want to explore.

My husband and I look forward to taking our Jeep on seasonal roads in the summer because we love spending time in the beautiful Northern Michigan outdoors. We have a great respect for the land and we take care as we explore new places.

Unfortunately, not all trail riders respect their surroundings and they don’t follow the laws when riding. It’s sad to see beer cans littering the road, deep tire tracks on a protected beach, and places where vegetation has been destroyed by an off-road vehicle.

This is not us. We have more fun following the law and practicing common trail etiquette. It keeps everyone out there safe.

1. Don’t Drink and Drive. Ever. Drinking alcohol while operating a 4WD vehicle is extremely dangerous and endangers everyone on the trail.

2. Leave No Trace. Pack it in, pack it out. Cigarette butts are trash so do not throw them out your window or on the ground. Carry a trash bag and pack out more than you pack in.

3. Ride Legal. Ride only on seasonal roads and designated trails. Stay off private property and make sure your ride has minimal impact. Find out if your destination requires an ORV sticker.

4. Be courteous. When passing hikers, bikers, or other vehicles, don’t speed past them and make them eat your dust, literally. If you see someone stopped, ask if they need assistance.

Don’t be the jerk who breaks the rules, causes accidents, and closes road and trails for future use.

By following the law as a driver and being courteous to others enjoying the same seasonal road adventure, you will have a lot more fun.