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Life is Good Small Business Marketing
Life is Good in Business and Marketing

Life is Good… but I do have a confession about being a business owner that’s not good for me. It’s the sales thing. Selling is hard!

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Tuesday Museday Marcie Wolf Thoughtful Marketing
Tuesday Museday – Thoughtful Marketing

People connect with people, not with brands. Being transparent, authentic, and sometimes even vulnerable are effective marketing strategies.

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Eric Davis Marcie Wolf Petoskey Michigan
Doing Business in Petoskey Michigan

My husband Eric Davis and I own Abuzz Creative in Petoskey, Michigan. Together we provide digital marketing for northern Michigan organizations.

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Zoom Meeting Petoskey Michigan Marcie Wolf
Zoom Meetings and Behind the Scenes

I’ve enjoyed all these Zoom meetings because they’re real life – it’s the ultimate “behind the scenes” glimpse at our new way of working.

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Happiness Strategy Abundance Mentality Business Collaboration
Happiness Strategy: An Abundance Mentality

We all have a mindset that determines our level of happiness. There are two mindsets most prevalent: Scarcity Mentality and Abundance Mentality.

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Always Take High Road Petoskey Marketing
Always Take the High Road

Has a competitor put you down or intentionally tried to harm your professional reputation? I’ve had competitors try to discredit me or sabotage my business. Sabotage and competition can look very much alike. What do you do?

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