Should you keep your business and personal Instagram accounts separate? There isn’t one right answer, but there are things to consider.

If you’re a freelancer with no employees, one profile might suffice.

But for a bigger business with employees, I’m going to give you my recommendation. Keep two separate profiles. A business profile will work best if your company has staff.

Personal Instagram

I have a personal account for things my personal friends would be interested in. Photos of my dog and cat, my travels, videos hanging out with my friends – that’s really personal stuff, and I want to keep it that way.

I hate to break it to you, but your potential customers and professional clients are not interested in seeing photos of your dog or of you partying with friends, much less beach photos of you in your bathing suit. (That last one can make people pretty uncomfortable.)

Post your really personal photos on a separate personal account.

Business Instagram

One reason I have a separate business profile is my business name is not my real name. My brand is Abuzz Creative so I want people to know and remember my brand.

My business account is where I post marketing tips for my professional followers. New website launches, social media updates, SEO tips – these all things my professional followers can learn from and are looking for.

My business account also lets me create ads and promote posts which get my messages in front of more people.

Make the Right Choice for You

If you’re an entrepreneur doing business as your name, stick to one profile. Remember to post appropriate content for potential customers.

If your business name is different than your real name, create a business profile with your brand name.