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Always Take the High Road

On social media, I’ve seen people going out of their way to put a competitor down or intentionally trying to harm a person’s professional reputation. I’ve had competitors try to discredit me or try to sabotage my business.

Sabotage and competition can look very much alike. It’s unlikely that someone is trying to actually sabotage your career. The reality is that they’re competing for the same jobs and clients you are. The way they try to demonstrate why they are the better choice may look a bit like sabotage.

How to handle being discredited

What do you do when you hear a competitor is trying to discredit you?

Take the high road. Focus on what you do best.

For me, I realized these attacks really weren’t about me – it was about them. A person that hurts someone else has deeper issues than just bad business skills.

If you’re thinking that retaliation is the answer, don’t waste your precious time trying to discredit others. Do not sink to their level. Life is too short to concern yourself with the bad actions of another.

A competitor can’t actually sabotage your business just by speaking ill of you. Their false efforts to cause you harm makes them look bad, not you or your business. They obviously see you and your talents as a threat. I guess that could be taken as a compliment?

I’ll say it again. Take the high road. Keep on doing what you do best.

When you are busy living your own life and doing what you do best, you won’t have the time or the energy to worry about what other people are doing.

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